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Pulley Lagging

Pulley lagging increases the traction between the belt and the pulley, reducing the load and wear on the drive, belt, pulley, bearing and take-up. In order to achieve efficient and economical conveyor operation, the appropriate pulley hysteresis is an indispensable detail - with the following main advantages:
Extend the life of critical conveyor components;
Reduce wear on abrasive materials;
Prevent belt slippage by increasing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the pulley;
Self-cleaning on the surface of the pulley to prevent the transport of bulk materials, water, snow or ice.
Specially formulated synthetic, natural and neoprene blends provide excellent grip and abrasion resistance for our Pulley Lagging.
MSHA approved for use in mines - meets all requirements for flame retardant solid products in mines.
Increased productivity - Increases pulley life and reduces build-up by increasing traction between the belt and the pulley.
Improved conveyor tracking - Due to the self-cleaning ability of the arrow pattern, material recovery is reduced, eliminating the main source of misalignment.
Excellent wear resistance - Abrasive or high humidity or dry applications visible in underground and above-ground mining.
Bond Strength - Better than other bond strengths because the 3 mm neoprene compound cures to the bottom of the rubber.
Easy to install - can be done on site, at the factory site, at a local dealer or at the pulley manufacturer.
LANGTE is one of professional pulley lagging manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products. We warmly welcome you to buy bulk pulley lagging for sale at competitive price from our factory.
  • Replaceable Pulley Lagging

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    Replaceable Pulley Lagging

    Replaceable Pulley Lagging is composed of wearable rubber layer,metal layer and retainer.
    Rubber and metal layer are closely jointed by vulcanization.
    The retainer is welded on the pulley to press all of the lagging onto the pulley.
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  • Diamond Pulley Lagging

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    Diamond Pulley Lagging

    Conveyor drive pulleys are often supplied with diamond grooved lagging as indicated in the adjacent sketch.
    ‘Diamond grooved lagging' refers to the pattern in the lagging and this pattern, like with vehicle tyres, enhances the grip or friction even if the belt surface is dirty. Read More

  • Plain Pulley Lagging

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    Plain Pulley Lagging

    Plain pulley agging is a term used to describe the application of a coating, covering or worn surface, which is sometimes applied to a pulley shell.
    The life of the shell is typically extended or the friction between the belt and the pulley is improved by providing a replaceable wear...
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  • Ceramic Pulley Lagging

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    Ceramic Pulley Lagging

    Ceramic Pulley lagging Ceramic lagging or lining of a pulley is specially suited for pulleys where slippage and excessive wear and tear problems make normal rubber lagging ineffective. The alumina ceramic tiles help in proper grip of the belt under wet, muddy or any other such arduous...Read More