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  • Conveyor Belts with C Type Profiles

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    Conveyor Belts with C Type Profiles

    Conveyor belts with C type profilesRead More

  • Conveyor Belts with Y Type Profiles

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    Conveyor Belts with Y Type Profiles

    Conveyor belts with Y type profilesRead More

  • Pipe Conveyor Belt

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    Pipe Conveyor Belt

    Pipe Conveyor Belt Description: 1.Primarily used where bulk materials must be conveyed along horizontal and vertical curves in confined spaces, and/or where the environment has to be protected resp. where spillage must be avoided. 2.The belt can negotiate tight horizontal and vertical curves....Read More

  • Elevator Conveyor Belt

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    Elevator Conveyor Belt

    Elevator Conveyor Belt Elevator conveyor belts: The belt is made of either anti-tearing EP canvas or steel cord as center material with anti-tearing rubber cover, good application capability, running steadily, low maintenance. Construction: Rubber belt & elevator bucket. Characteristics:...Read More

  • Endless Conveyor Belt

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    Endless Conveyor Belt

    Endless conveyor belt Description: Endless conveyor belt is conveyor belt that has been made into endless without joint in the process of production. Characteristics: 1.Its feature is that there is no joint in belt carcass, and the belt shall not be shortened in service life due to early failure...Read More

  • Sidewall Conveyor Belt

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    Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    Sidewall conveyor belt Description: Sidewall conveyor belt can be used for horizontal, sloping or vertical conveyance, it is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space, the economy is achieved by single belt operation, wide range material can be handled, less space...Read More

  • Flat Transmission Conveyor Belt

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    Flat Transmission Conveyor Belt

    Flat Transmission conveyor belt Construction: Flat transmission belt is a common flat rubber belt, also called transmission belt, usually uses high-quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers. Characteristics: 1.The flat rubber belt has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility and...Read More

  • Rough Top Conveyor Belt

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    Rough Top Conveyor Belt

    Rough Top Conveyor Belt Construction: 2 or 3 ply construction with cut edges and carcass of EP fabric. The surface texture resists the tendency for the material to roll back down the conveyor. Features: 1.The top cover is made of wear-resistant rubber with a non-slip surface. It has cushioning...Read More

  • Ceramic Pulley Lagging

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    Ceramic Pulley Lagging

    Ceramic Pulley lagging Ceramic lagging or lining of a pulley is specially suited for pulleys where slippage and excessive wear and tear problems make normal rubber lagging ineffective. The alumina ceramic tiles help in proper grip of the belt under wet, muddy or any other such arduous...Read More

  • Conveyor Drive Pulley

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    Conveyor Drive Pulley

    Conveyor Drive Pulley Belt conveyor combine with motors, pulleys, belt and rollers. The function of the drive pulley is to transfer the drive force from the pulley surface to the belt; in consequence, the quality of pulleys is the major part of the conveyor running smoothly. Focusing on the...Read More

  • Conveyor Tail Pulley

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    Conveyor Tail Pulley

    Conveyor Tail Pulley Tail pulley is also renowned as take up pulley. It is placed at the opposite end of the conveyor system to the head pulley. The name takes up pulley itself delineate its function of keeping the belt up and tight. We have set a strong niche in the market for providing...Read More

  • Conveyor Snub Pulley

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    Conveyor Snub Pulley

    Conveyor Snub Pulley The quality of Snub pulleys is as important as other pulley. Smooth surface can lower friction, to reduce energy waste. Features: 1.Special design to efficiently avoid stress concentration, thermal concentration and prevent corrosion by impurity, water and air etc. 2.Various...Read More