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Muti-Ply Conveyor Belt(Fabric Conveyor Belt)

The fabric conveyor belt is set for conveying various special performance items and conveying core skeleton structure under different environmental conditions in different regions, mainly for cold-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, high-temperature resistant and chemically resistant conveyor belts. core. It can be applied to different regions, different hot and cold conditions, as well as various foods such as food and food, chemical products and other bulk materials.
Ordinary fabric conveyor belts are referred to as ordinary conveyor belts. It is made of hanging cotton canvas or cotton-polyester interwoven canvas to form a tensile body, which is matched with general purpose performance and lower cover rubber. The tensile body is subjected to the full load during use.
Ordinary conveyor belts are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Widely used in coal, mining, port, power, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, for the transport of bulk, powdery non-corrosive materials.
The choice of conveyor belt needs to consider various factors, mainly: the relevant requirements of the conveyor system for the conveyor belt; the terrain environmental conditions and safety requirements; the type, shape, granularity and characteristics of the transported materials, whether there is heat and chemical Function; requires maximum bandwidth, working tension and conveying capacity; minimum diameter of drum; groove and lateral stiffness; load support; length of curve section and transition section; tensioning method and stroke; receiving point and receiving condition. And the running cycle of the conveyor belt: impact resistance and tear resistance requirements; joint conditions.
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  • NN Conveyor Belt

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    NN Conveyor Belt

    Nylon conveyor belt, the middle mezzanine canvas is nylon canvas.
    Nylon (NN) conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin body, high strength, impact resistance, good groove formation, large interlayer adhesion, excellent flexibility and long service life.
    It is suitable for...
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  • EE Conveyor Belt

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    EE Conveyor Belt

    The EE fabric conveyor belt is made of ee fabric and rubber cover.
    For such a conveyor belt, the ee fabric and the core rubber are first laminated together by cold pressing, and then the top rubber and the bottom rubber and the core fabric are made together by vulcanization.
    The EE...
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  • EP Conveyor Belt

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    EP Conveyor Belt

    EP conveyor belt Polyester conveyor belt, also called EP or PN conveyor belt, whose tension resistant body is canvas woven by polyester in warp and polyamide in weft. The belt has the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good water resistance, good wet...Read More